Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Final preparations for Christmas are in the works. All the presents are purchased and we've been wrapping like crazy animals! The big boys are always eager to contribute to the process of wrapping all the goodies and it's often a messy but overwhelmingly exciting experience for all. My hopes for neat lines and perfect folds go out the window but who cares! They won't always be my little helpers, I'm sure, so I'll enjoy this while it lasts. 
Monty usually prefers to wrap up several of his stuffed toys as presents for us, on the condition that we immediately return them to their rightful owner.

And little E has spent many waking moments staring into this snow globe, which I brought upstairs 2 days ago. It plays Santa Clause is Coming to Town while he gets all glassy eyed, dreaming of this day to come.

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