Sunday, December 23, 2012

What We've Been Up To

I've not mananged to have much time to blog this past week but it's only because we've been celebrating a Parker birthday, enjoying a Monty sized Christmas performance at school, cooking, baking, and lastly (on Friday night actually), having a great big family sleepover at my sister's house and our Christmas celebration. It's been a jolly week!

Let's start with Jam's 8th birthday, shall we? He had the great pleasure of eating out for not just lunch but dinner also and he received this fancy telescope from his grandparents. He's been enamored with the stars and planets for over a year now (after his introduction to the solar system in first grade) and with this amazing little telescope, he will be able to see the craters on the moon and Saturn's rings! Pretty fantastic. 
 He also invited his friends and cousins to a swim party at a local indoor water park and received plenty of legos (the building of which is one of his favorite past times) and this cool set of drawers for sorting and storing them. He and Monty spent a while doing just that, Christmas bear helping out a little too.
Best of all for Parker, the snow was falling all day long and enough had accumulated for them to build snow men and snow forts. Jam spent at least 2 hours outside while Monty and I baked his birthday cake.
On Friday morning the family loaded up once again and headed over to our last Christmas concert, this time for Monty and Elliot. Monty played Slim, a really rockstar cowboy. It's his last year at this school and the Kindergarteners usually get speaking parts for their last special Christmas performance. He did an incredible job and we were a very proud family. :)
Little E was a sweet, fuzzy sheep. He didn't do too much singing that particular morning though we were lucky to catch him in a moment of sincere participation here (below, near the lower left). He did do some drumming however, as is becoming customary in our family. Not sure how we'll manage a band with 2 drummers ... hopefully # 4 picks a different instrument!
And here are a few iPhone pics ... 
Parker as a tree in his school Christmas musical 
 Birthday cakes cooling
 Morning after our big sleepover
 Kids playing outside

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