Saturday, January 26, 2013

3 Boys {play time}

{This is a part of a series I'll be doing in 2013, a portrait of each of my boys every week of the year.}

The 4th week in January

You love to play the drums too. But instead of using drum sticks, you prefer making music with my glittered pencils. 

You kids love it when we sit down for a board game. This is one of your favorites but you also love playing Candy Land.

With all the homework you have to get through on most afternoons, your absolute favorite way to unwind is playing Mario Chase on the Wii U with your dad and Monty. 

It's been such a rough week for us, boys, and you've been so patient. Either your dad or I have been flat on our backs in bed for the last 7 days which means you boys have had to entertain yourselves quite a bit. And I know you've been worried about us and are happy to have things getting back to normal again. I'm just so thankful that whatever we all had seemed to hit your dad and I much more severely than it did you all (and little E, you managed to stay healthy through it all). Anyway, we hope that's all over now. Much love to you boys. xxxx

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