Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY Picture Wall

It's Friday! I'm exhausted and have been since Wednesday. What gives? Doesn't help that my scalp is itching up a storm, that I wake 3 times each night to pee, and that I feel fat as a cat. Guess that might exhaust a person. 

But, despite all of that, I am pleased to share that a very large and empty wall in my living room is now somewhat decorated. I had the room painted a lovely grey back in September, I believe, and I've not to this day done anything to it at all. It used to be a gallery wall (here's a peek at our autumn wall from 2011) but I was ready for something new. So I finally decided to go with this idea ... 4x4 prints of my favorite iphone photos. I think iphone editing is just so incredibly gorgeous, so printing those photos is often more exciting to me than prints from my fancy camera. So I've always printed my Instagram pics through Printstagram and I think they're fabulous (this is how they look above my bed). But I recently found out that Mpix offers prints in square sizes which I love the look of in a collage. Ashley's collage above her fireplace is inspiring. 

So I ordered about 47 4x4 prints (that's just how many images I liked in my phone library - they're 29 cents each for that particular size) and did so directly from my phone via the app Mpix Tap to Print. It was a ridiculously easy way to choose the pictures from my photo library and checkout, right there. No hassle. 

They arrived within 2 days and I set to work immediately. I've never seen Instagram pics this size and despite my reservations, they looked great! I wanted a rectangle to begin with and so decided to use 45 of the prints, 9 across and 5 deep. Here you'll see the almost empty wall, aching for something pretty/cool/whatevs. 
The plan is to expand on this as the photos are taken. They're placed seasonally, beginning with last summer and ending now. Kind of fun right?

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