Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3 Boys

     {This is a part of a series in 2013, a portrait of each of my boys every week of the year.}

The 3rd week in February

Little E
My goodness, you're something else! You think you can get the baby out by poking your finger into my belly button. Sometimes you do so with earnest and it's obvious that the whole thing baffles you. :)

Here you are counting your savings, hoping to have enough to buy a Hexbug spider. You're pretty great at saving your dollars and coins. 

I find you sitting in bed, playing games or reading a book, much more often now that your room has changed. You're starting to enjoy having that alone time, undisturbed by the noise of the house. I get it big boy ... I get it. 

(Will have to post some pics of the room makeover soon. Well, as soon as it's finished.)

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