Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh Baby Girl

{a tiny signet bracelet for you from your grannie}

Oh baby girl

Here's how we found out about you. 

At the end of December, we went for a 18 week ultrasound. Your daddy and I had decided to find out what you were and to keep it a secret between the 2 of us. We were just too excited to know and could not wait one second longer. Your brothers came along with us to see you that morning, very eager to see your face. We told the doctor who did your ultrasound what our plans were and she assured us that she would write it down, put it in an envelope and seal it. It sounded so very private! You were upset with her, she said, and would not move out of your position which had your tiny legs tightly crossed. She said she would patiently and repeatedly look, so I breathed a sigh of relief. I was anxious to know. We checked out every part of your body, your organs, your bones. Little E immediately decided you were somehow related to pirates, only because he could see nothing but bones on the screen and where there are skulls and bones, there are pirates and treasures. Our doctor was very thorough with her inspection as there is a little concern at your growth and health since your mommy is nearing 35. I suppose God made my body in such a way that having children is just a little easier and less complicated for you when I'm younger. So we're eager to see your growth in there. But all is well and you look wonderful. 

About 45 minutes later Dr H tells us nonchalantly, out of the blue, "Well, it looks like a girl." I was completely shocked, first to hear those words come out of her mouth and then because she had said them at all! Apparently she had forgot our arrangement and now the cat was out of the bag. She showed us why she thought that but said that she couldn't get the best angle and so she called in an ultrasound tech for a 2nd opinion. When we left that morning, we were mulling over the fact that they were 90% sure that you were a girl and that they would confirm it at 25 weeks. Wow! It was unbelievably surreal for me, much like that moment when I stepped on the stage with your dad to say my wedding vows 13 years ago. I wasn't sure what to do with the news and I didn't know if I really could rejoice like I wanted to. Kind of bitter sweet in a way, to hear the words you've waited to hear for so very long but then to be in limbo about it still. 

We decided to tell close family but to wait to tell everyone else once we were absolutely sure. And last week we found out, with absolute certainty, that you are indeed a girl. Woopeeeeee! And I'm sure I'll never be more thrilled to hear the word labia spoken so generously in a 30 minute time period. Haha! 

You're a girl .... it's amazing. I did not think I would have that honor. I was fairly sure that I would be the very happy and proud mom of not 1 but 4 boys. And I would have loved them all whole heartedly and without regret. But God has given me you and I feel so lucky. So blessed. 

Thank you God for this gift. We will cherish her always. 

With all my love, 
Your mommy

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  1. Congratulations on a baby girl!! I'm expecting a girl as well :). We have one boy already and I'm so looking forward to getting to experience a girl now too. Your words to her are so sweet. Congrats again!


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