Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maternity Style {day at the museum}

{shirt - Rabbit and Eye from Etsy, moto sweatshirt - Forever 21, skirt - JC Penney, shoes - Gap}

Our family went on a short road trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum today, with the intention to check out their Real Pirates exhibit. We knew little E would be in heaven there and it turns out that all the boys had a blast and were absolute angels, thank goodness for that! Baby stayed awake the entire time it seemed, kicking and moving around non stop, especially for the drive. The exhibits were pretty good, a real Night at the Museum sort of place where you imagine all the life size exhibits wake up at dark. I think that Disney Land (World) sort of ruins everything else really, as nothing can compare to what you see there. And E kept asking when we were going on the pirate ride. But they had fun all the same. Made me a proud mamma. :) This is the last family excursion that will have 3 walking, (almost) completely independent kids on hand. Next time we go somewhere together, there will be a cumbersome stroller, diaper bag and bazillions of supplies. Here we go again!


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xx Kirsty

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