Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oh Baby

Oh baby girl,

This week you're 31 weeks along and though you are still small, you sure know how to pack a good, flexi ninja punch. You seem to have a sweet spot that you always go for which is against my hip bones. The strangest thing I've ever felt from my babies, that intense pushing against my hips. 

Lately I've had some new cravings, cranberry juice being one of them. I love to mix it with a little bit of Sprite. It's so delish! I can't drink enough of it. And I've been dying to get my hands on some fish tacos for a good 2 weeks now but daddy hasn't made that happen yet. I've not given up hope though - he can still pull through for us!

That picture is a peek at some of your clothes, a few of my favorites. Funny that so much of it is still blue and white, as I've certainly had my share of blue around here. Miniature clothing is just so stinkin' cute. 

I finished a really good bit of your room this week, polka dotting a wall and painting some drawers. It's been so much fun getting your room ready, bits and pieces at a time. I've even washed your clothes which is quite on the ball for me. I guess I'm a little worried that I may get to a point when it's too much to do, too late. Not that it's ever happened before ... but with a dance recital just 10 odd days before you arrive and all the preparations that go into that day heading my way in April, well, I just hope to be ready a little early. Certainly won't hurt. It's going to be a very busy final 8 weeks, so hold on tight! 

Love you little one. Praying you stay healthy and strong. Oh yes, and see you again next week.

Your mommy

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