Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bits of Baby's Space

Just thought I'd share a couple of close up photos of baby's room. I spent a bit of time in there this morning, hanging pretty things on the walls and attempting a little DIY with the oodles of mason jars I have sitting around my basement. 

I have several shades of pink paint, all sample sizes, that I used to paint this chest of drawers. With what I had left over I decided to swirl each shade of pink around the inside of a jar to create a grouping of pretty pastel vases to use as a dining table centerpiece, filled with fresh cut flowers when they finally arrive in my garden. 
 A couple more colors to go!
Above is the day bed on one side of baby's room which I plan to use as a changing area this time round as well as a spot to crash when I just can't walk those 3 steps to my own bed! Sure to happen. I hung that gorgeous flower cut out this morning (purchased a good 9 years ago from MOMA). It used to be a lovely hanging light actually but I thought it would work better as a dramatic art piece on her wall, at least for now. We can convert it again later if I have a good spot for it. 

And below is a peek at the other side, with the fresh polka dots, newly framed mom/baby print from Kelli Murray (adore this lady's work), and the giant flower. It's coming together! 

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