Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Hello friends! 

We had such a fantastic weekend; hope you did too. It was busy, all sorts of easter business to attend to. We dyed eggs, ate peep smores, drew bunnies all over the dining table, went to an egg hunt, spent time with lots of family and celebrated Jesus and His awesome gift to us!

Here are a few pictures from the past 3 days, albeit a little back to front.

Our Easter outfits to begin. Me and my boys and then daddy with them too. I recently asked Elliot what he was really good at (for his school questionnaire again) and he said, "Taking pictures." I think he means posing for pictures and he's right. An excellent poser. :)
{on me: dress - Old Navy, shoes - Target, belt & necklace - Somewhere in Time antique mall (GB)
on boys: clothes from South Africa, a gift from grandma, E's hat - Target, shoes - Crewcuts
Phil: top half - J. Crew, jeans - Fossil, shoes and belt - South Africa
I had to add him cause I thought he looked soooo handsome}
And here's our peep smores. Monty doesn't eat it with the chocolate and he also prefers that we not melt the marshmallow. So his creation wasn't quite as appetizing to photograph. 
Morning of an egg hunt.
Strawberry pancakes for breakfast. 
Creating all over the dining room table. Thought it would be a great idea to cover it with rolls of white paper (which we have from Ikea) and to let them go to town whenever they sit down for a meal or simply walk by, perhaps a little bored. Anyway, it worked wonders and I've recovered the table 3 times as they fill it up so quickly. I think they sell a similar roll of paper at Target too, for anyone who might want to give it a try. 
And that's about it. Many of the photos were taken inside and were pretty blah, so these were the best of the weekend. Saw many of your family photos too and everyone looked so lovely yesterday. I say we should dress up like that every weekend. What do you think?

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  1. you all look so cute! love that Old Navy Dress! I want to paint my table with chalk board paint, so they can create away too. Looks like you had a fun weekend.


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