Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boy's Room Tour

Finally finished up the boy's room and thought I'd take some detailed pictures to share with you. They are loving living together here and have done an amazing job sharing a space. Each boy has a spot where he can have his special toys or important goodies and that area reflects their personalities and interests to a t. Everything else is white and bright, with touches of light grey and accents of red. The space is a good size but not huge so I didn't want to close it up with color on the walls. As always, white makes a space feel so much more airy and spacious and we needed that in here with all the odds and ends to fit in! All the beds match expect for a unique quilt at the foot of each bed which belongs to each child. I loved these vintage-y twin beds, an awesome and inexpensive find from Walmart and the first purchase we made for the room. Everything fell into place after that. 
Monty's side includes his rockstar side table which is simply made out of drums, his first real drum set actually. He has a light hanging above his bed that's from a South African flea market and then a bookcase close by which houses our collection of books and a few storage tins for tiny things. The baskets hanging on the wall are from World Market and they keep more precious items, jewelry, tooth fairy pillows, gold pirate coins and such. The things we don't want tiny hands to get hold of.
Elliot's corner includes a basket of bigger toys and some balls. He's obsessed with basketball, so he's got 2 of those piled up in there along with Buzz and a few other buddies. Best of all, he has that great rail along the length of his wall which keeps all of his favorite costumes close at hand, in case of emergencies. You just never know when someone will need a super hero to save the day. 
Parker's corner has a couple of shelves where we house our cool robots and cute monsters. And he has a shelf that's just his, for his favorite books. Right now it's filled with books on planets and the solar system. Each bed has an unbed storage box from ikea which is great for additional toys and stuffed animals. Monty's is busting at the seams with the latter and can not now be zipped shut. 
And there you have it!

Here's a run down on where we found a few other things:
Duvets and covers - Target
Curtains - Target
Bookcase - Target
Wall shelving - Ikea
Side table - thrifted
Quilts - thrifted except Parker's which is Pottery Barn
Letter E - Anthropologie


  1. I found your site via Apartment Therapy. I LOVE your boys room. Those stripe duvets really make it. Great job! And what a great blog. I'm so glad to have found you.

    1. Thank you so much! So happy you came by too. :)


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