Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oh Baby Girl

Oh baby girl,

This is a picture of your 3 brothers just a few weeks before you are born. They're all looking forward to seeing you so much. Two of them have even felt you kicking them, so thanks for that. It made their day!

We're getting so very close to the end now, it's crazy. We'll have you at home with us before the month is complete and our lives will forever be changed. No longer will this be a home of boys. I will get a tiny partner in crime, a girl to be girly with. Can't wait for that, little one. We're awfully close to being ready to head to the hospital with almost all of my goodies laid out on the daybed in your room. It's hard to get much done during the days lately cause I have enough energy to clean and do laundry and run around doing errands in the mornings but by afternoon, I'm completely worn out so all I can bare to do is nap! I can really tell now how useless I'm becoming, how cumbersome my belly feels and silly I look to even reach for something on the floor. This is that point in a pregnancy when mommies start to get really, really ready for their babes to arrive, just cause it's so tough on their bodies. I'm just no fun anymore. But we're almost at 37 weeks which nowadays means "full term" or in other words, you are free to arrive whenever you want. I'm sure you'll wait a while longer though cause that's just how it goes for us but the doc says I'm at 1cm so things have started to progress. Good, good!

I picked out your home coming outfit today. That took much more deliberation that most would think necessary but I can't help but want my only little girl to be dressed in something sweet when she arrives home for the first time. I think we'll find reason to fully wildly celebrate every tiny detail with you. It had to be really tiny which was the biggest problem of all but I think this might just work. Funny thing is that it's not all pink and ruffles as you might have imagined. It's blue and white! Those brothers of yours have rubbed off on me.

I love you so much and will see you quite soon. In the meantime, keep growing and staying strong and .... give me a break every once in a while when I'm sleeping, would you?

With all my love,
your mommy

PS: We'll make room on that shelf for you! Promise.

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