Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lately ...

Well ... it has been a busy week, a really fun one, but pretty exhausting. Thankfully this sort of work week comes in spurts every few months, not a really normal thing for me. I now have two big photo shoots under my belt which required quite a bit of prep (visiting local boutiques, styling outfits, and model fittings - all a blast, I can assure you!). And I did a maternity shoot too which was pretty cool, which is for an article on dressing the bump this spring. And now as an end to the picture snapping, I get to do an awful lot of writing, all in preparation of my favorite local women's mag (YOU magazine) best issue, spring and summer time fashion, in all its gorgeous glory!

So I'm left physically exhausted today after the high of this busy week but it's all for a very exciting cause and will all be wrapped in a shiny bow by baby's arrival. Great timing I think. Much like this dance recital I'm also working on, which is just 2 and a bit weeks away. It'll be a great big relief when all is done and we can focus on the babe and a summer of freedom!

This week has also brought with it a shining sun and temps which have risen to a very comfortable and happy degree and so I'm feeling light hearted and refreshed by spring's air. We're all giddy with the opportunity to be outside again.  

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  1. Kir!

    Can you please take a picture of your new quilt on your bed? I would love a better peak of the addition. So lovely, share!

    And, aside from the home, you are looking so beautiful. Glowing, indeed. I hope I am half as lovely when pregnant! Best Wishes! Chels'


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