Monday, April 22, 2013

Maternity Style {35 weeks}

{jacket - Hollister (sooo old), dress - mom's closet, socks - Free People, boots - resale from Plato's Closet (GB)}

Oh golly, 35 weeks! It's a little hard to believe that it's all just around the corner now but I'm so thankful at the same time. Sitting is uncomfortable, laying down is uncomfortable. Standing up from sitting is uncomfortable, walking around too much is uncomfortable. You catch my drift. She likes to punch me in the pelvis, so that there are moments when I wonder if her arm might just punch right out. Gross, I know, but we all think of these strange things when they're happening to us. :) 

There are moments when I get terrible heart burn, the kind that scares me a little, just in case it's not "normal". Any indigestion that I experienced in my first trimester does not even compare to this (I understand the burning of the chest sensation now!) but it's very sporadic, these episodes. So no biggie. I have no room to hold food any more, so I'm full almost all the time. I never felt that way with the others and could easily eat an entire Thanksgiving spread at any meal, but now I feel completely filled to the top after just the chips and salsa appetizer. Good if you're hoping to keep the scale from tipping 25 pounds of weight gained, I suppose. I'm at 21 pounds gained as of last week. Have ranged anywhere from 19-25 in the last 3 pregnancies, so right on target. 

I've realized that if I don't nap in the afternoons I become a horrible mommy monster, the kind that is not capable of surviving any bedtime shenanigans without completely losing it. So I try to nap. My feet and hands are now swelling at night, starting around 5pm. It's a true delight. 

So that's all the awful stuff. But there are some wonderful moments too! I'm getting all sorts of love from the boys ... lots of belly kisses and baby chats. Elliot has decided that he too has a baby, that it's a boy and that it hurts him when it kicks. We have all sorts of interesting conversations about how little one will come out, as you can imagine. And for the sake of recording these precious and hilarious little moments, I will share what we've sort of settled on (read at your own risk :) which is that mommies have a special place that babies come out of (no it's not the mouth, belly button, or where you go poopy) and it has a sort of magic power because it opens and closes like one of those sliding doors, the kind with the sensor. Yes, that's what they decided and well, it sounds good to me. I don't want them to consider the fact that mom might experience any sort of excruciating pain to bring their sister into the world. They are already very grateful that they will never have to carry a baby. That in itself seems hard enough!

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