Friday, June 28, 2013

3 Birds and a Butterfly

{This is a part of a series in 2013 called the 52 project. A photo of each of my kids every week of this year}

A lovely warm summer's day at the end of June

Parker - You've grown comfortable with picking up and holding Scarlet. It's wonderful to see your confidence grow in taking care of her. You're an incredible big brother to all of your siblings. 

Monty - You tell Scarlet a thousand times a day how beautiful she is. She will never lack for anything as long as you're nearby. 

Elliot - The bugs seem to love your sweetness this week, poor guy. You've got some terrible bites. You make me giggle cause you're such a great friend to every kid at every park in the city. I have to keep a watchful eye on you but I love the fact that you can be so bold and cute with everyone. 

Scarlet (only managed an iPhone pic) - You smile at us when we talk to you and you do that dreamy open mouth, nose squinch, eye wink kinda look that makes me feel like we're sharing a secret joke together. You're at the start of your (ongoing to be sure) interest in lights of any kind and you love to stare at them in complete absorption, often sharing a few mesmerizing words with the bulbs and windows. If I get you in the right mood, you'll agoo and awoo with me too. Ah, it's so awesome. And also, you rolled over twice this week. Twice! 

And finally, before the weekend is here, I'm whipping up a tiny look at today's outfit for you too. 
{All quite old: hat - Banana Republic, shirt - Kohls, necklace - thrifted, shorts - Express, shoes (are newer though) - Target
bracelets - South Africa, Brandy Melville, Madewell}

S tried to photobomb my arm candy shot this afternoon. ;)

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