Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday Best {with the girls}

 {on me: blouse - T J Maxx, skirt - Zara, shoes - Aldo, necklace and bracelets - thrifted and heirloom
on Scarlet: all from Gap Kids except those "shoes" - Kellseys from Etsy}
Miss Scarlet was actually very, very sad for these photos though Monty thinks she's smiling in this one. But she was mad at her mama! Think I'll add a little girl update here ...

Dear Plum,

You're 6 weeks old now and daddy and I think you're all sorts of chubby. But when we're at church everyone still calls you a peanut, so your delicious chubs is limited to the eye of the beholder. But you're growing those lovely chipmunk cheeks that feel soft as marshmallows when they're kissed. We're off on a trip to Tennessee this week, to visit your tinier cousin Aletta! So that means your first airplane and all sorts of flexibility required. I think you'll do very well as you're happy as long as there's milk, warm snuggles, and a scratchy daddy beard nearby. Plus you love to sleep in your car seat still (even at night!), so we don't have to worry about lugging around a pack n play, thank goodness. Parker was the same. He too loved the comfy confines of his car seat for those first 6 weeks. You're 2 peas in a pod at the moment.

You're sleeping well at night and last night we had an uninterrupted 7 and a half hours. It's divine! You tend to average a 6 hour stretch most nights. We put you to bed around 9pm, after the big brothers are tucked in. The lights go out a little later in the summertime, no battles with bed time and early nights which are nice, and then everyone gets to sleep in in the morns. I kind of love this laid back routine.

A couple of evenings ago I had to wake you from a nap at 7pm (you like to take looooong late afternoon naps). Anyway, you would not wake up! Not when I nursed you or after, when I laid you down and took off your clothes for a bath. Barely as you sat in the water with me and then back to your goofy half an eye open, smile on your face sleeping that you do, as you lay there once again wrapped in your towel. And as soon as your jammies were on and you were snuggled against my shoulder again, you went back to sleep, not to be woken again. So I put you down for the night. It was so crazy to me!

We love you sweet girl. We love holding you and loving you everyday. We can't wait for the thousands of days to come. We still can't believe that you're ours.

xoxo Mommy

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