Monday, July 8, 2013

A Week in Tennessee

Just a few pictures this evening from our trip to Tennessee to visit my little sister Cara, her husband and most importantly, my new niece Aletta! It was such an amazing time for us, so relaxing and so much fun. Here's a peek at how we spent our time while there, a few days in Nashville where we were a big, happy bunch with my other sister Daena and her family there too, and then a few days in Jackson at Cara's home. Scarlet was absolutely perfect the entire time and the best travel buddy ever. 

Exploring Nashville was pretty stinking great and as you'll notice, incredibly wet! But the rain didn't stop us from celebrating the 4th of July downtown, popping in all the little stores and eating as much as possible. That country vibe is something I've not really experienced to that degree before, cowboy boots replacing flip flops in mid-summer and live country music playing through every window. It's really cool to soak up some of what Nashville's famous for. Anyway, I'll let you take a look ... from our first few moments at the hotel to our flight back home.

(Side note: My husband seems to be a professional photo bomber. He's not being serious, in case you're wondering about him. :)

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