Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sisters and Babies!

We shot a few pictures of us girls and our new little bundles. From left to right we have Aletta, named after my great grandmother and now 3 weeks old. Jude is in the middle and is 3 months and Scarlet is 7 weeks. Aren't they so stinking adorable?
And yes, this had to happen all the time! :)

You may have noticed the beautiful new header and blog design. It was created by the incredibly talented Oana Befort  and I'm so excited about the update. I wanted to simplify things a bit and add buttons that somehow incorporated by kids as 3 birds and a butterfly. I thought she did such an amazing job capturing my vision for this space. Thanks Oana!


  1. It seems like flickr is blocking your images :/

    1. Thank you Lilli! I did not know until I read your comment. :) All fixed now!

  2. What a wonderful time in your lives! Obviously you are enjoying it to the fullest! God Bless to all of you and your families! <3


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