Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 19th - A Celebration!

Yesterday we celebrated Monty's 6th birthday and little Scarlet hit the one month mark! We did all sorts of fun things for Monty, starting with his favorite breakfast of cinnamon rolls in a pepped up dining room that I'd decorated with a few fun birthday goodies to make him feel the love (all of which I already had but just needed to just corral from the depths of our basement for this purpose). Parker had mentioned to me the day before that he thought he "was going to have a birthday surprise" when he woke up on his bday (back in December) "and then there wasn't anything". Made me feel awful that he didn't feel super special from the second his feet hit the carpet, so I was on a mission to improve that from this point on. Ha!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of our butterfly and you'll notice that they're much the same as these. Thought I'd see how she grows with her toys as a measuring stick of sorts. :) Thank you to Aunty Daena for her sweet outfit. 
... and a big sneeze to end it all!

And here's a little collage of firstly, Monty's special day, and then just a few other summer activities that have been keeping us busy. We're having such a blast hanging out at the parks for not only tennis lessons but loads of picnics and today even some music. We're loving the splash pad and this week the big boys are creating at Summer of Color art camp at our children's museum (last week they got outdoorsy at Nature Nuts camp at our local wildlife sanctuary). And I finally got myself and the 2 littles to our downtown farmer's market yesterday and it was just lovely. So much to do, eat and see there! Though I'm thankful at those particular times that our temps don't rise to the 90's. Pushing a stroller while piggybacking a 3 year old is almost enough for a giant okay, mild case of heat stroke (not really but kinda). 


  1. I love that sling, Kirsty! Such a beauty to carry your beauty in. Do you feel safe using it? I plan to use one (someday, sigh), and wanted your opinion. Keep the pictures coming on this lovely summer of yours.

    1. It is beautiful! I actually borrowed it but it's called a ring sling. I'm sure you'll find it when it's your turn to carry a baby on your hip. :) Scarlet does love that one but honestly, her favorite is the Bjorn which is the most "modern" of the baby carriers and one that daddy can use too. Nice to have both options, I suppose. Love to you!


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