Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunday Best {with the girls}

{on me: blazer - H&M, top, skirt & heels - Target
on S: romper - borrowed from her cousin Adorlee, purchased from Sweetpeas (GB)}

It's just the best thing ever when you get to not only nibble on the most delicious baby cheeks in the world but also dress those little baby bottom cheeks in rompers covered in sweet pink cupcakes. If only they made it in my size too. (Yes, I love cupcakes enough to wear them and often do, just not like this, though a pair of cupcake printed pants are surely the next big thing to come from J Crew. I just know it!).

This little lady has settled into a wonderful rhythm of life, typically taking a long morning and late afternoon nap (maybe 1-2 hours long) with loads of shorter naps inbetween. She's even going a consistent 4-5 hours in a row at night which allows for me to wake up to nurse only once after I get to bed. She seems happy to sleep and sleep, without the struggle that her biggest brother (and to a similar point her other 2) gave me whenever it was time to go down. She loves her car seat and her bassinet and I can put her down awake but super drowsy. She doesn't get quite as ferocious about her tummy troubles anymore but instead gives us a good kicking and squawking when the bubbles bother her. Seems she's worked through the worst of that though. But as any lady should, she does not like a dirty diaper very much at all and so I must come running to the rescue whenever it is full. Her cheeks are getting delightfully round and buoyant and her wrist is showing the beginning signs of a red ring accompanied by a bracelet of fat. She has longer awake times now and enjoys laying on the floor staring out of the window, daydreaming of course. She's thinking about milk, ballerina bunny, tomorrow's outfit, and daddy's kisses. 

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