Friday, August 30, 2013

3 Birds and a Butterfly

 {this is a part of a series called the 52 project, a portrait of each of my kids, (almost) every week in 2013}

Parker - My 3rd grader, happy to be back in school and working hard. You just love to learn and you talk about all that new to you information all the time. It's so cool to see how exciting is it for you to gain all that knowledge.
Monty - In a brand new school and adjusting so well. I'm so impressed with how you've handled waking up early in the mornings and loosing so much chill time. Your teacher has already realized she's got a feisty little man and referred to you as "Mr. Large and In Charge". Uh oh. (heehee).
Elliot - You're working so hard at being a big boy and you're completely obsessed with the notion. You ask everyday if you're as big as Parker yet. But there are times when you still want me to uppie you and hold you like my baby.
Scarlet - It's a special weekend coming up for you. You'll be dedicated on Sunday along with your cousins Jude and Aletta and we're so looking forward to doing this together with those little angels. 


  1. visting your blog for the first time. such sweet pictures! my oldest starts kindergarten tomorrow :)


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