Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Wish List {spicy geometry}

A new wish list for you today! It's all the things I'm currently craving, wrapped into a beautiful package by the lovely Holly. Triangles are having a wholly dedicated moment with me as of late.

1. One of my favorite trends for fall are the cool cut out boots.  I've seen a million and twenty that I love but these are definitely tops! Ruidoso boots from Anthropologie - $130
2. An 8 inch chandelier in brass with tiny crystals. Perfect for hanging right above my bed. Junkyard lighting - $149
3. Sweet little arrow ring. Style Addict -$30
4. A linen banner bunting in grey, white, indigo, brown, mustard, violet, and oatmeal - the perfect colors!  Lovely Home Idea - $40
5. The Leonora triangle blanket would look so lovely in Scarlet's room one day. Ivie Baby - $88.
6. I so need a triangle ring in my life. Style Addict - $22

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