Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mama Style {on a crisp September day}

 {the deets: hair bow & back pack - Forever 21, sweater - Kohls, cut offs (originally jeans) - T J Maxx, boots - H&M}

I mentioned on Instagram that we were having a delicious 68 degrees yesterday and a couple of my faraway friends actually expressed tinges of jealousy (one in the can't be better than this land of Hawaii)! But yes, it has been wonderful these past 2 days, on the hinges of a lethargically humid weekend, poor little Scarlet sweating profusely under her tent of a gown on dedication day. Anyway, I could go on and on about the weather but I won't. It shows my age ... 

I'm thrilled to report that I recently invested in these boots, very reminiscent of those on last week's wish list but infinitely cheaper (plus, if you sign up for emails you get a 20% coupon which I promptly did). Thank you H&M for finally (FINALLY) allowing us to purchase online and not only that, for opening a very fine (FINE!) home department that kept me occupied and away from my laundry for way too long. 

Scarlet and I will be attending Fashion's Night Out in De Pere tomorrow night and I will be strutting my "stuff" down the catwalk at 8pm. Hope you can come out for a fun little evening celebrating the whimsy of fashion. Scarlet plans to wear a leopard turban, so if anything, you should come to see that. :) 

Also, I just have to add 2 links this evening as they are reads that made me tear up and laugh out loud over the last 2 days and you just have to read them for yourself! 

1. Remember when our home was featured on Design Mom?! Well yesterday she featured the home of Anna, who lives in my old stomping grounds - Joburg. The post was a brave one as she has been through so much these past years but what really made me happy was how she described our country. All those details put into brilliant prose (in a way I could not match). If you want to know a teensy bit of what life is (and was) like you must head over there.

2. I adore Kate's Creative Space! Seriously love this lady's blog so much as everything she writes sounds right out of a novel and she lives in England, so it's all that charming British humor and loveliness. Well today Kate shared what her experience was like when dropping off her one and only son at school for his first time. So funny and so completely accurate. Plus the untranslatable words section is brilliant. I've often found that the Afrikaans word "Loskop" was so perfect and had no equally perfect English counterpart. The direct translation is "loose head" but the best version in English would be "scatter brain", though loskop just says it so much better! 

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