Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mama Style {overalls}

I think it's pretty wild that the 90's are making a fashionable comeback (see Free People, my favorite wardrobe in all the land) with the best of grunge knocking on our closet doors. I used to laugh, surely that will never happen again. But it's back and it's funny ... I mean how can we make that cute again? I see flannel hitting the shelves and loooong before Christmas plaids. And overalls are hinting at mass production (hello Target?) along with slouchy beanies and boots with soles that can do some serious damage.

Well I have indulged in the 90's once more but only as far as these overalls and let me tell you, I'm in love. They're kind of amazing and in regular rotation now. I think it's the slimmer fit that do it for me. I just couldn't pull off my real pair back from 95 (worn to each and every Friday night football game). Those were infinitely less flattering and the flannel shirt I wore OVER them and UNBUTTONED was kind.of.serious. 
 {overalls - Free People, blouse - Target, shoes - Zara}
Oh hello fall!

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