Monday, September 23, 2013

The Butterfly at 4 Months

My little lady turned 4 months last week and in keeping with my "watch her grow" photos, here is a sample of our best. :) Little E joined, as he loves to do, and as you can see Bumble Bee (transformer) is our costume of choice these days.

Dear Scarlet,

You're rolling over from tummy to back and back to side. You love to stand more than anything and so I'm sure you'll be walking before crawling (if you're anything like your bros). You have a very low, raspy voice. It's very cool. The boys wondered if you were sick because your voice sounds so funny to them, but no, it seems to just be you and your sound. You've been talking a lot more this past week ... lots of hmmmms.

A very unfortunate turn of events is your recent decision to give up on that terribly silly sleeping through the night stuff. Perhaps it's the cooler nights that are prompting you to call for your mama and her warm skin, but whatever the case, you're enjoying a little snuggle time EVERY 3 HOURs. Stinker. You're all topsy turvy, newborn sleep behavior now and rockstar sleep skills then. Oh well, I'm sure it will change shortly as it always does.

You've been spending a lot more time with your daddy as I recently started teaching dance classes again. So you get to hang with him for 3 hours in a row and though you struggled that first week, well, you're getting a little better at it. Dad can put you to sleep by pacing the house and facing you outwards until you lull into dreamland. This is all at the very same time as 3 noisy boys do homework, eat dinner, and make their usual raucous. So it's quite impressive. You've always impressed me though.

This morning you decided that, though you were tired at naptime, nursing was just not going to help you fall asleep. So I laid you down in your crib, covered you up with your blanket and put your duppy (it's the white one with the arrows on it and it's soooo soft) in your right hand. And that was all you needed. Thumb went into mouth and zzzzzzzzzz.

You enjoy grocery shopping with me, facing outward in the Bjorn. It's pretty rad exploring those aisles, a sensory extravaganza. The dipping down low to put a massive bag of charcoal beneath the trolley is not quite as fun but every once in a while, a nice gentlemen will help us out with that. :) You also love church now and that fun, loud music they play. You haven't quite noticed your daddy up on the stage but eventually you will and I'm sure you'll yell out a "hi daddeeeeeeeee!" Your grandpa tells me that I used to run up to the pulpit sometimes when he was preaching. But I was much naughtier than you'll ever be (fingers crossed).

Love you. love you. love you.

your mommy

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  1. The final picture killed me nearly dead with cuteness. What a beauty! And, I loved your letter. What a wonderful keepsake for her someday.

    Special request: Might you consider doing a "What's happening in Insta" post every once and awhile. You take such great snapshots of your daily happenings and I think it would be a stellar addition to the blog. Just a thought, friend. :)


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