Monday, July 22, 2013

The Butterfly is 2 Months

She stayed asleep when I put her down to take these pictures ... well, until little E layed down next to her. 
... sleeping ... big stretch ... where am I?
back it up bro
and a bit of the bro too

Scarlet loves to smile at her butterflies during a diaper change (those that fly up her wall). They've proved to be such a great little piece of art as they completely engross her. She seems to love diaper change time ... lots of smiles for whoever's on duty.

She enjoys a good chat too and has a particular fondness for Monty chats this week. And another huge one, she found her thumb! I've never had a child take a dummy or suck their thumb but she certainly might. It's unbelievably adorable so I can't mind it at all. Serious cuteness.

We love you Miss Scarlet. You've everything, EVERYTHING!

(PS: Here's a doll/Scarlet size comparison in her 1 month shoot and newborn shoot ;)

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