Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Butterfly is 3 Months!

Just before the boys went back to school, little miss Scarlet turned 3 months and we took these photos. I'm trying to get caught up here! So I thought I'd catch a bit of her chubbies for these pictures. We placed her next to her measuring dolls again (here she is at newborn, 1 month and 2 months) and as you can see, she's far outgrown Mr. Moose! In fact, she's a long little lady, measuring in the 85th percentile for her height (and 15th for her weight) at her 2 and a half month visit.

She's grabbing at her blankets and at the skirt of her dresses and bringing them up to her cheek. It's cute cause it looks like she's holding onto her duppy already though I know it's sort of accidental. But when that dups goes right in the hand that holds the little thumb that slips into her mouth, oh, it's so adorable! She stills loves to chat with us and smiles all the time, as long as you make eye contact. She's beginning to build some back strength for sitting up and loves to try it out on mama's lap. And she also likes to grab my fingers and pull up to sit from laying down and then to pull up on her wobbly legs to lock them into a good stand. Aaaaaand then she usually poops.

We love you Scarlet bug!

* And as a side note to my dear little one, I just have to mention to you that De Pere's Fashion's Night Out is just around the corner already! It's happening on Thursday, September 5th with the runway show starting at 8pm (little kids take to the catwalk first) and I'll be modeling again this year for the beautiful boutique Azure. So I hope you can come out and enjoy a lovely evening celebrating fashion. Mark you calendars, call your babysitter, and I'll see you there! *

PS: Here's the video my husband made from our first year at FNO.

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