Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 Birds and a Butterfly

{this is a part of a series called The 52 Project, a portrait of each of my children, attempting every week of the year}

Exploring the beauties of October

Parker - I love the way you stood still in every pretty patch of sunshine, the second I exclaimed over it, ready for me to snap that picture.

Monty - I love how you ran from stone to stone in the creek, just didn't have it in you to "walk carefully".

Elliot - I love the way you're changing, becoming one of the big boys, shedding parts of little E (though I'm equally teary over it). 

Scarlet - (Your portrait was yesterday but ...) I love your little laughs, not yet great big belly laughs, but heading that direction. Tonight just looking at Monty made you laugh, no prompting needed. We just watched you, watching him, laughing. :)


  1. Such magical photos of your little boys in the woods. :)

  2. How gorgeous is your blog and these portraits! Magical is the right word! Found you via Jodi. x Katrina


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