Monday, October 7, 2013

Mama and Mini Style {fall flowers}

I made Scarlet this flower crown last week and she wore it to church yesterday which got her all sorts of smiles. We even experienced a rather Bieber-y moment when a group of preteen girls stopped suddenly, covering their delighted smiles and hummed "awww" and "oh she looks so cute!" in unison. We felt very special. Thanks girls. :)
(yes, that is drool and lots of it)
This is our new thing ... to put one tiny little finger in the mouth. It's fantastic.
{mama: sweater - Forever 21, skirt & boots - H&M, bracelet - Earthbound Trading Co (GB)
mini: sweater - great grandma knit for Parker, dress - grannie made for cousin Adorlee, shoes - Gap, flower crown - made by me}

So I'm thinking of doing custom orders on these flower crowns for little ones. If you're interested in ordering one as a photo prop, birthday crown, or dress up accessory for the little lady in your life, why don't you email me at You can pick the colors you'd love to have and we'll convo from there! The flowers are new and sometimes vintage silk flowers and the inside is covered in felt to keep it soft and comfy on her head. I can make it whatever size you'd like. The cost is $20 and we can talk shipping if you're out of state. So there we go! 

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