Monday, October 21, 2013

Little E Turns 4!

On Saturday we celebrated Elliot's 4th birthday with a super hero party. Of course, what else would it be? He was his newest version of spider man (above) and boy oh boy, did they all have a ball. I have a huge crush on dress up parties. They make for the * best * pictures!
A table fit for the greatest of the world's super heroes (above) 
and a mean game of bust that piƱata (below) which fiiiiinally ended with the daddy knocking in to its death.
 Loved how spidey's mask became very reminiscent of bunny ears.
We love you to bits and pieces little E! And we love the funny little things you say. Like when you ask to go to the "booseum" (museum) or when you get crazy philosophical and after letting out a great big sigh you tell me, "I do that because my brain is hotting." Do you mean hurting little E? "No, hotting." I imagine that the overheating of your brain leads to your puffy white sighs. And then there's that silly way you want me to wash your spoon after every single bite of cereal because "it's wet". 

You are so awesome!

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