Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Girl and Her Butterfly

Our little one turned 5 months over the weekend and so we photographed her in all her delicious glory for a few mama and mini pics as well as our "watch her grow" series. So here we go!
{mama: blouse - Zara, jeans - Gap
mini: blouse - Zara, skirt - hand me down, bow - Brickyard Buffalo}
 Scarlet bug, 

You now have 1 tooth! It's a beaut. It has been working its way out for about 2 weeks and you've done well with the process. The worst of it has been the fact that you're waking more often at night but it doesn't seem to bother you during the daylight hours. The drool though! It's unbelievable. Your top is completely drenched within 30 minutes of putting it on, so I've succumbed to bibs to help with that. That's a first for me. Bibs have only ever been for messy eating around here. Wish they sold really cute bibs, come to think of it. That's just an Etsy shop waiting to happen huh? Liberty print for sure! 

You're still so small, a mere 14 pounds at the moment, which is slim compared to your doughboy brothers. I think you've got rolls in all the right places though and it certainly helps to have ample opportunity to wear your clothes (all 3 months - no way!) before heading to the next age up. Goodness, I buy you a lot of clothes! Okay, sure, it's a little bit of the excitement and delirium of it all but then there's also the fact that you're my one and only lady and so there's much to require of a wardrobe of firsts. (PS: Thanks to cousin Adorlee for helping where she can. Your 12 month dresses are da bomb cuz).

The only time you cry is when you miss me. Like really cry. Like mom is gone to work and I need her desperately cry. Otherwise it's a moan of sorts but mom's arms quickly remedy that. You love me so much and I tell you, it's so good for a mama's heart. I feel the love. You are always looking at me, especially when someone else holds you. You need to see me. It's the best. Thank you for feeling for me as much as I feel for you (at least a mini version of it). 

A few stats. You go to bed at 7:45 or 8 ish. Generally wake once or twice at night (unless you're teething). Usually up at about 8am. You nap 3 times a day and most often, only 1 maybe 2 of those are in your crib. We're on the go a lot, little one. You handle it all so well, sleeping in your car seat is not a problem for you. You LOVE your duppy and prefer to sleep with it touching your face. I go in to check on you quite a bit to make sure it's not covering you completely. But any blanket that keeps you warm will inevitably end up at your face. It's adorable. Thumb sucking is still very much your fave and I don't know what I would do without it. It's likely helped to instill in you that easy going temperament. 

We're so lucky, so blessed. We never, ever take it for granted. We love you "all the way to the black hole and back again!" (Parker's largest possible amount of love).

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