Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mama and Mini Style

Hope you're all having a lovely week friends! It's been a little gloomy around here the last few days, lots of rain and grey clouds. But we're keeping our spirits lifted with the small stuff ... tiny, wonderful people to hug, first bites of rice cereal for Scarlet and 10 hours in a row of sleep last night. Moments to myself spent creating flower crowns for 3 little girls, all of which are attending the father - daughter ball at our church this Friday night and one that the girls all can't wait to go to with their daddies. Even Scarlet will be at the ball with her dad and we'll see how that goes. It may not last for too long though cause it's a bit late for her but I'm sure they'll get some sweet pictures together. What an awesome little night for these girls.
{mama: sweater - F21, shirt - H&M (husband's), jeans - Gap, oxfords - Zara
mini: hat, sweater and leggings - Zara, skirt - South Africa, boots - hand me downs}

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