Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Halloween Shenanigans

There are certainly aspects of Halloween that I don't fully appreciate (not a fan of haunted houses and such - read - complete wimp) but the costume part I absolutely LOVE. So here are our little people ... a woodland fairy, Mario, Waluigi (you have to be a fan to know him I realize), and Bumblebee transformer. We went trick or treating in the rain, which was not going to stop us (though there were a few tears before we realized we could have fun despite the weather) and we hung out in our cousin's neighborhood where the locals do it best, it seems (see last picture, a house complete with fog machine and old lady in a rocking chair beside the front door). We had a blast and wished the day would never end! 
Is this hysterically awesome?!
 Not one but two fairies!
 We run to and from each house :)

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  1. That last picture is fabulous!!! All the kiddos are darling!


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