Monday, November 25, 2013

Mama Style {to the movies!}

Hello friends! We had such a wonderfully relaxing weekend and the highlight for me was seeing Catching Fire. Don't get to the movies too much so I was a little giddy for that reason alone. But we loved reading the books and so have been eager to see the films. This one does not disappoint ... it's soooo good. This is what I wore on that particular day, a casual weekend look. I love winter whites (or in this case creams) but feel like it looks best on me when broken up with a few darks. Slims my lines a little.
Oh yeah! The glitter is out for the holidays. Takes my mind off of the cold just a bit. (uh!) 
{sweater - Gap, t shirt, sunnies and beanie - Target, pants - Anthropologie, boots - Kelsi Dagger}

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