Friday, November 22, 2013

The Butterfly is 6 Months Old

I don't know how we got to 6 months so soon but it's here! It's really, truly here and well ... I'm just a tiny bit sad because you're growing up and far too quickly. In a matter of days, literally days, you have begun to do new things. You turned 6 months only 3 days ago and you're suddenly ploughing through milestones like they're cake pops. (Peppermint chocolate cake pops, the kind we both eyeballed today at the Starbucks counter but did not end up devouring on account of the nagging feeling I had, the same one that often accompanies a $4.25-ish cup of coffee). Anyway, I'm off track. This is what you've been up to of late.

* You're sitting quite well, even gave your cousin Letta a show yesterday for the longest series of seconds of your sitting life. Ultra impressive!
* You're eating rice cereal (you think it's disgusting and we all agree), oatmeal cereal (much, much better thanks), sweet potatoes (getting used to it though did lots of dry heaving faces for a while), regular ol' potatoes (loved), pears (way to tart thanks), and Baby Mums (love it - can't get enough of it).
* You're drinking from a sippy cup like a pro, no help needed. And I can tell it makes you feel very important (as it should).
* You're starting to love your rag dolls, looking deep into their faces and then attacking them. But I can tell you think they're sweetest when up against another toy.
* You've started grabbing my face and bringing yourself to me for a kiss of sorts. We're still figuring that out. And you still look at me (and your Aunty Daena said the same thing!) when you're on my hip and inches from my face. I can feel your eyes on me and when I turn my head to look, there we are, nose to nose. It's awesome.
* You're a quiet babe, like Jude. Sometimes you'll blow raspberries for us but generally you listen. I wonder who you'll be most like. I often think Parker but I don't know. I have one of each kind of personality so far, with each child a little more "life of the party" than the one before. Don't know if it's possible to outdo Elliot on that one though. Surely he's as much of a party animal as is possible to be. Let's hope so.

I love you little girl. You are too wonderful for words and your daddy and I thank God for your life every single day. Mwa!

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