Monday, December 16, 2013

Family Style {reds and plaids}

Hello friends! Wow, it is absurdly cold here in Wisconsin and all we can talk about up here is what the farmer's almanac predicts for this winter. It's just one of those places where talking about the weather is actually real, "I care about you" conversation rather than a simple pleasantry. It's a winter like this that leaves me longing for my warm South African Christmas. But I'm thankful that my home has these giant windows and that for much of the day they are flooded with light, resulting in a warmth that often leaves us sweating under our ample layers. So we'll be sitting right here today, in case you're wondering …

This is what we wore yesterday for one of our Christmas Sundays at church. I was once prepped by my sister in regards to holiday clothes for little girls. She mentioned that in December I could (and should) have my little lady wear a Christmas dress each and every Sunday, as there were so many beautiful options (plus I have a vintage-y stash from thrifting over the last couple of years). This made absolute perfect sense to me (you must remember that all three of us sisters have only one girl at this point - our "one and only" as Daena lovingly refers to hers). So this is Christmas outfit #2 for miss muffet. Isn't it sweet? Thank you Target! And I tend to wear a different plaid print each Sunday, the same every season. This skirt was a thrift find and was originally worn by one of those teensy little women with the tiniest of itty bitty waists. It fits right up there under the ribs and I have to add an elastic band to close it. After watching White Christmas this weekend, those minuscule waistlines are fresh in my mind's eye. They really were something! Though not something I've ever called my own … ha!

{mama: top - Loft, skirt - thrifted, heels - Target
sister: dress - Target, shoes - gift from ouma's trip to Australia
brother: shirt - Target, jeans - Gap}

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