Tuesday, December 17, 2013

YOU Magazine Feature {how to wear leather}

YOU Magazine will be hitting newsstands at the end of the week, a food issue I believe. And as I am a huge lover of food and eating in general (though not nearly as good at preparing it), I contributed to this issue with what to wear …. when heading out to eat. Perfect! I focused on a hot trend for winter, (faux) leather. (Let me just say how much I despise using the phrase "hot trend" but "recent vogue" ages me quite significantly so I'll just stick with the fashion lingo). Any...way, there are lots of local restaurants that we love to frequent when the kids/babysitter allow, so I decided to do a double focus with this one. This is how to wear ladylike leather to some of my favorite eateries. How does that sound? Well either way, it's happening, so check it out for all the crazy details! (including suggestions on how to wear those intimidating leather pieces :)

Leather pants - Bonsai Sushi 
Leather skirt - Plae Bistro
Little leather accents - The Elegant Moose
Leather jacket - Chives

{1. pants - Zara, 2. skirt - Forever 21, 3. shirt with leather accent - Target & brogues - Zara, 4. jacket - Kohls}

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