Monday, March 31, 2014

Mama and Mini Style {gothic florals}

Ahhh! It's springy outside and we're feeling gooood. And every word is made much longer in response to our content and happinessssss. It's that long breathy sigh that can't help but escape each time you try to speak. I'm sure if you're a local you're doing/feeling it too. Lots of "suuuuun" and "waaaaarm" and "don't distuuuuurb meeeee". It's lovely.

Found this sweet little scuba skirt. At least that's what I'm calling it cause it's that rubbery scuba suit type fabric and if I was brave enough to dive deep into the ocean and swim with the sharks, I'd want to wear this. Definitely. But what originally caught my eye was the print. Beautiful flowers and butterflies in darker colors, worthy of outfitting the most beautiful of vampire Transylvanian princesses.
{mama: blazer - Gap, necklace - Express, tank and skirt - Target, shoes - Zara
mini: cardi - knit by great grandma, dress - Zara Kids, shoes - Sweet Pea's (GB)}

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