Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whew! Keeping Busy

Hello friends! I've not managed to take any pretty pictures with my camera so far this week, what with the laundry and house cleaning, playtimes with cousins and so on and so on. It's been a busy one! But I have snapped a few with my iPhone, happy to say, and here they are. 
We celebrated being one month closer to summer in many little ways and here was one of our faves. Creating lovely little vignettes of potential summer outfits. Woohoo!
I've been a bleaching machine this week. Working on a DIY feature for YOU magazine's spring fashion issue and it's all about, yep, bleaching denim for summer. So I'm working on 3 pieces of denim, 2 of which I picked up at St Vinnies last week, and my husband will photograph them this weekend on myself and my sisters. I really am a huge fan of this smelly DIY as the results are kinda fabulous and perfect for summer looks. Will share with you when it's all said and done. Look forward to get my sisters in the mag finally too. ;) sneaky sneaky
Scarlet's first pair of Saltwater Sandals from Navy Perl via Brickyard Buffalo. Let me just say that BYB kinda ruins me. There are weeks when the goods and the deals are just incredible!
Just put up a sweet little Happy Easter banner and found this great blue striped serape during that same trip to St Vinnies. Lots of wonderful scores that day.
And lastly, little E has been a wonderful help with the cleaning this week. We're working very hard on getting these boys in the habit of keeping things tidy. I'm finding that the housework and in particular, the laundry, is just out-of-control huge with a family of 6. So I am making a doubled effort to get everyone, including the husband mind you, working to help me tidy by doing their part. Things like cleaning the table after meals, putting clothes in laundry baskets when they're taken off, cleaning up toys and electronics each evening, and sometimes even a little vacuuming. Ha! That one I actually enjoy doing and would rather be responsible for but there's something about it that the kids just LOVE.

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