Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prepping for a Shoot + Behind the Scenes

Before I shoot anything "big" for YOU magazine (cover shoot or fashion spread), I do some test shots at the location a few days before. In this particular case it seemed very necessary, since our spring has made its arrival this year at a snail's pace and even still seems in a state of bewildered confusion (I am at this moment watching large snowflakes falling slowing outside the kitchen window, the kind that I might even call beautiful … in January … grrrr). So I took the kids to our spring fashion location and snapped a few photos of them exploring and playing late in the afternoon one Sunday. You'll notice a bit of snow still clinging to the hills. That was all melted away a week later when we reappeared models in tow. But now, well, it's likely back (smiling through gritted teeth).

My boys obediently stepped onto rocks and sat on tree roots as model stand ins. Sweet things. Scarlet was in the Bjorn the entire time; quite the work out!
My husband accompanied me to the shoot the morning of which was really fun. I had loads of props with me. As I went through all the pictures to edit I noticed that he had also snapped a slew of photos and they turned out wonderfully, a unique point of view so to speak. So here is a behind the scenes look at our shoot with the girls. First, taking pics of each other and figuring out my camera settings (this time we were there in the morning and I was hoping to create ethereal, sun bleached, slightly faded images) and then of me getting those fashion shots. 

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