Monday, April 14, 2014

Flower Crowns {sisters and babes}

I had such a busy and fun weekend of photo shoots, one after the other. But this one was really special to me and though there is a white blanket of snow on the ground again today, we had a spectacularly lit, golden afternoon on Friday. You may remember us taking maternity pictures together last year, also featuring some lovely crowns but those that I had made from silk flowers. Well we thought we'd replicate those in a new way, with the most stunning fresh crowns this time (made by Sunny at Ebb and Flow Flowers in GB) and with our close to one year olds on our hips! (Here's the maternity shoot). 
Me: Sammy Dress (new sponsor!)
Daena: Forever 21
Cara: Hey Daisy! (GB)
Scarlet: Sweet Peas (GB)
Aletta: Zara 
Jude: pants - Sweet Peas (GB)

Flower Crowns: 

Daen goes in for her 4th round of chemo today. She is doing very well still and continues to see little miracles happening in her life all the time. I think her greatest struggle in these last few weeks has been a lack of energy, or at least the get-everything-done-no-big-deal energy she was used to having pre cancer. But being a mom of 4 requires so much and in a normal circumstance is exhausting in itself. Though it's definitely not as difficult as it was in the beginning stages of these treatments and perhaps it's due to the fact that the cancer is now gone. Or it's your prayers for her being answered every day. Whatever the case, she is well, keeping up with life and family and doing an amazing job at it. Please keep her in your prayers, friends, and ask for the last half of these treatments to just get easier and easier if you would. And for her to find a renewed energy with a sense of calm and peace. There's lots happening in these next few months and I want her to feel up for all of it. We're realizing now, as her lashes start to fall out, that lashes are perhaps the hardest of all to lose. We've been looking into falsies from the drugstore and the fancier NovaLash, which are eyelash extensions. Those seem like a really great option in this case but are quite expensive. Do you wear falsies and if so, any recommendations?

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  1. Have you explored Latisse or LiLash or anything else which increases growth? It seems the extensions would fall out with the natural lash, yes? If so, that would totally stink! Sending prayers for continued health...and lush lashes! :)


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