Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday Best {stripes!}

Stripes were our pattern of the day yesterday. They're such a fun way to break into spring and seriously one of our favorites designs. The kid's wardrobes are just full of them! So here we are sporting our stripe-y clothes, well at least Monty and I (thought little E actually had them on too), and Scarlet photo bombed our pics showing off her delicious rolls instead. 
I took a few more pics of our home yesterday. We're working on a "Living with Kids" revisit post for Design Mom, since our home has changed so much in the 2 years since we were featured there. Very exciting. I absolutely love the Living with Kids series, taking a look into real homes all over the globe. They're so inspiring. So I'm slowing collecting new shots for a summer time post. :)
This is our new bunny chalk board art. Kelli Murray has a wonderful free printable for this bunny, with so many sweet little uses during Easter time. So we added it to our dining room wall.
 Ah, I loved all the spread hand on the window shots. So fabulously dramatic. :)
 And that belly peeking out from under her shirt!
Playing in the warm sunlight, nursing a cold. Poor girl. 

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