Thursday, May 29, 2014

An Afternoon Outside

Whenever the daddy goes outside to mow the yard we all head out with him, blankets in hand. We sit there and watch him, some of us jump on for a ride, others climb trees, and still others funky crawl through the garden exploring and tasting all the earth has to offer. I know, it's disgusting (aren't girls supposed to stay away from dirt and particularly, putting it into their mouths!?). Elliot and Scarlet love to tumble around gently. Well really, it's Elliot that likes to grab her and roll her over on top of him. But she giggles like it's the best, best thing on earth.

Having a crawler outside is proving to be tricky. I'm so worried about that tender skin and have starting packing a pair of black or grey leggings with me to take where ever we go, for the purpose of popping over her cute rompers or under her dresses. Now she can crawl on the concrete without scratches and in the dirt without a mess. She's adamant to be where the action is and loves to explore. Busy body. Kinda looking forward to my little walker emerging from all the standing and balancing for ages business, taunting us with her cleverness but then never taking a step. We sit there and watch her stand, all of us clapping and cheering exuberantly. Big smiles on everyone's faces. Fist pumps. But no, not going to walk mama. Don't rush a good thing.
And I even have a bit of an outfit to share! 
{dress - Free People but consigned!}

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