Friday, May 30, 2014

Mama, Mini, and Sista Style

Ah, we're loving these beautiful spring days. We've been swimming every chance we get and have been on endless bicycles rides. It's exhilarating! And not only that, we're finally in shorts and summer dresses and it's just so wonderful. Bring on the heat of summer! There's nothing better. 
Now you see how those little legs have to deal with the concrete. Walk baby walk!

Daena has mastered the art of scarf-ery. She can tie those beauties every which way and they always look perfect. Apparently wigs are uncomfortably hot during these warm days, which makes a lot of sense, and she's choosing scarves over locks for everyday. I think she looks beautiful. There's just something really chic about a scarf too. It can look classic (think Audrey Hepburn) or bohemian (think Nicole Ritchie) which is absolutely lovely. As much as I love to wear them, I tend to look more like a pirate. Must work on that. :)

Thought I'd give a quick update for the dear family and friends that have been asking about how Daena is doing. We love you all. Thank you for checking in. Honestly, his past month has been a long, rough road for her. She had experienced the best possible circumstances up until her last chemo treatment about 3 weeks ago but after that 5th round there were a whole lot of problems. She had to receive a shot that would allow her to have that 5th round of chemo (won't go in to lots of detail but this happens when the blood counts are too low and it brings them up again). The short version of the story is simply that she was hospitalized about 6 days after that 5th round, for 6 days, after going in to the ER with a high fever. After a typical winter that was just chock full of runny noses and coughs (we have 8 kids between the 2 of us and are together most days of the week, so it's just something we have to deal with a little more now and that's okay), all of which miraculously stayed clear of her, she finally managed to contract a horrible cold (a nasty one that I even managed to grab along the way) and well, for her it was really, really bad. Her body could not handle that and her blood counts were dangerously low. She received a blood transfusion while there and after a couple of days, her "cold" developed into pneumonia. But thanks to the fervent prayers of friends and loved ones she pulled through and over the course of those few days in the hospital (which seemed like an eternity), her body became stronger again and her counts slowly came back up. She was eventually allowed to go home (after being fever free for 24 hours), incredibly weak and not feeling wholly better but able to grow stronger again at home. 

Today she feels good and even brought the kids swimming with the fam this afternoon. Her last chemo treatment is scheduled for the beginning of next week. The last one you guys! That's massive. The end is in sight. And her numbers are looking good. So please continue to think of her and pray for her as she finishes up this crazy journey and begins her recovery. Much love to you all!

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