Friday, May 23, 2014

Bohemian Spring Uncut {for YOU mag}

I recently styled and photographed a spring fashion assignment for YOU magazine (you can see behind the scenes pictures here). So I thought I'd share all the pictures that did not make it into the mag as there were just so many that I kinda loved and I thought you might enjoy. :) 
{outfit from Somewhere in Time Antique Mall}
{outfit from Furs of Distinction}
{outfit from Hey Daisy!}
As you can see there was not even a glimmer of spring (except I suppose for sporadic tufts of moss) in the great outdoors in this month of April, but thanks to Sunny DuBois at Ebb and Flow Flowers, our models were just so, so beautiful in their fresh flower crowns. The flowers made all the difference in the world.

I can't tell you what an amazing feeling it is to work on something that I love so much and then see it published on glossy magazine pages. It's a little gift from God I think, the opportunity to be a part of this magazine's freelance staff and the chance to better myself as a writer and photographer. I'm absolutely picture obsessed and tend to linger on every moment. The mag has pushed me to think outside the box in not only the writing and photographing scenarios, but also the styling. When I look at what I've worked on in print it's a pinch me moment, you know? It's one of those opportunities that I think I was just lucky enough to get a few years ago (thank you Erica for believing in me!) and has sort of exploded into something really beautiful. Thanks to the new and exciting vision of my editor Amelia, I have this really wild opportunity to share my voice regarding beauty and style to the local female community (whether they like it or not - haha!) on a monthly basis. In a nutshell, I hope they'll be inspired to find the dazzling in the ordinary.

To read the full article and see the inspiration behind the outfits, just click on this link (it looks wonderful, promise. take a peek!). Perfect for my far away friends. :)

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