Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flowers in Her Hair

This girl is almost one and this weekend we celebrated! First, with her very own tiny crown of fresh pink and white flowers. 

Flower crown created by Sunny DuBois at Ebb and Flow Flowers in Green Bay. She makes the most beautiful fresh flower crowns. You must give her a call next time you're celebrating a birthday or need a sweet arrangement for a mother - daughter photo shoot. And for a bride, the most stunning of crowns! So happy to have her floral expertise and talent in town. Thank you Sunny!


  1. that last picture killed me dead. stunning babe, that scarlet.

  2. I love the colors on this plant, it has a semi-thistle like fuzz that can irritate some one who is sensitive. The pollen from this plant is blue! floral delivery service in subiaco


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