Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wishing …

It's almost birthday time again and I've been window shopping on Pinterest (it's so easy to get completely lost that way, isn't it?) and all my favorite online stores. Real storefronts just don't happen into my life very much anymore but I'm happy to take virtual looks instead. So here are a few of the lovelies I'm wishing for, the prettiest of pretties. It includes a gown for a glamorous evening out (what? when? oh let's pretend) and the absolute b o m b (-iest of) knee high gladiators that I could never afford. And this swimsuit … sigh … it's so lovely. Let's indulge our imaginations. If not for a birthday, then when? ;)
 Rackk and Ruin Triangle Symetrie Bracelet $54
 Pave chevron rings $28 (similar)

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