Friday, May 9, 2014


With Mother's Day around the corner, I thought I'd gush a bit about the unbelievable joy and pride I find in being a mom and raising a family. It's not without its crazy struggles. There are days that are so, so hard and I feel like I've messed up more times that I'd like to admit. I find that a long deep breath in a quiet place, a prayer for a little help, wisdom and forgiveness and often a bit of soft music (right now it's the All Sons and Daughters album) will allow me to catch my breath and reset my mood.

But regardless of our mess up moments, our kids adore us. Always. And I'm right there with them, in absolute adoration of their every move, every word, every creation, every hug, every accomplishment, every hair on their heads. Caring for them and watching them change as they grow up is something I relish. I love every single age I've encountered so far, from 1 day old to 9 and a half years. Every second with them is unique and beautiful and my absolute favorite.

I am so blessed to call them my very own and to share them with their dad. They're perfect for me and for this family. They're my greatest accomplishment, wildest dream come true and grandest inspiration. Breath taking little gifts from God.
This one loves to roll around on our bed. She thinks it's hilarious! I have to run around the outside to catch her. It's all a big funny game and mommy is the net, apparently. I think each of my kids would love this, if I had the energy for it (note to self: must drink more kale smoothies OR mountain dew!). I remember when they'd pile all the duvets and pillows on the floor at the foot of our bed and then jump around, eventually falling in a pile off the edge into the fluffy layers. Thought it was the best thing ever, while I wailed over the state of my now unmade bed. Lovely little tyrants.

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  1. This is so sweet, Kirsty. Sometimes the idea of being a Mom one day really freaks me out and overwhelms me, but reading things like this gets me excited and hopeful.


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