Monday, May 12, 2014

My Favorite Little People

It's so rare to get a photo with all 4 of my littles but we were able to grab a few together on this beautiful evening, in honor of Mother's Day - May 2014. We all know how hard it is to get a group of children to stay still and smile, even with tons of practice. The result is usually a nutty mix of sincerity and plastered straight line smile (see far left … in every shot :). Elliot is great at being "real" in front of the lens. He has a gift in that regard and will likely go on to be a brilliant actor … or a surgeon. Yes, really! He has an enormous and bewildering (to me) fascination with the body. It's impressive and quite funny. And Parker is comfortable taking a picture as long as Scarlet is in it, just like me.

They are magnificent creatures, each unique and quirky and so clever, with hearts that love fully and passionately. That's one thing a mom is never lacking in, LOVE. Gym time, yes, lunch on a plate, yes, dates with husband, yes, freshly painted nails and shiny hair, yes. But love, no! We are packed tight with love from all sides. Our love tanks are full!

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