Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tiny Dancers {preparing for a spring recital}

These little ladies have a very big day approaching, their grand end of year spring recital. It's a performance that we really, really look forward to. Our winter and spring performances are more than just dance recitals. They're huge events. Decorations, desserts, poetry … and a few surprises. We really finish off with a bang! I took photos of them as they practiced last week, perfect little puffs in pinks and peaches with splashes of blue here and there. Working with these girls each week is such an honor, a job that I really and truly love and an experience that I've found has been shaped and changed as I've had my own children. I love how I have been able to develop and mature as a dance teacher out of my growth and experiences as a mom. Sort of unexpected but so beneficial (prime example: think of the many mid-afternoon faces of a 3 or 4 year old :)

Dance has been through many, many evolutions for me, varying degrees of seriousness beginning with training that was incredibly strict and somewhat lacking in having my heart (though with outstanding results) to training that was pure and utter fun. Then from professional touring to teaching in all kinds of studio settings with variations of focus, whether technical and competitive, or fun and creative. There's something for everyone. It's unbelievable to realize but I've been teaching now for 20 years. Shocking (and insert appropriate emoticon)! But I've discovered a niche here, a boutique studio as a friend put it. :) A small and intimate place that focuses on the study of dance in an environment that is uplifting and inspiring, age appropriate and Christ centered. I hope that this program nurtures a great love for dance as they study to excel in the art but also encourages these kids to respect and love each other too. 

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  1. I see a lot of beautiful and familiar faces!!! Hooray for Dance!


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